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IECEE-CB Certification

IECEE is a multilateral Certification system based on standards prepared by the International Electro-technical Commission(IEC). The IECEE-CB Scheme is Scheme of the IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) for Conformity Testing & Certification of Electro-technical equipment and Components based in GENEVA, Switzerland. The scheme is based on the principle of mutual recognition of test results among member countries and it forms the basis for various national certifications without repeat testing.

Benefits of Certification

  • Product certification as per international IEC standards.
  • Mutual Acceptance of certificates in Member countries without any further testing.
  • National Safety mark of member countries granted without any further testing/minimal testing.
  • Testing at IECEE-CB Accredited labs.
  • Enhance Export capability by reciprocal recognition.
  • Improvement in Quality and Safety level of product.
  • Provides marketing edge over the competitors even in domestic and international market.

Why to Choose STQC?

STQC operates as National Certification Body(NCB) of India under IECEE-CB Scheme. The CB Test Certificates with associated CB Test Repots issued by STQC are recognized by all member countries participating in the scheme .STQC operates under the scheme as Issuing(I) & Recognizing(R) NCB (National Certification Body) for eight product categories given below:

  • TRON - Electronics, Entertainment
  • OFF - Information Technology & Office Equipment
  • LITE -Lighting
  • MED -Electrical Equipment for Medical Use
  • PROT -Installation Protective Equipment
  • CAP -Capacitors as Components
  • CABL -Cables & Cords.
  • PV - Photo voltaic, Solar panels

In addition, STQC is approved as Recognizing(R) NCB for the following product category:

INST - Installation Accessories and connection Devices

The current details of Scope of STQC as NCB under the IECEE-CB Scheme can be obtained from the official web site of the scheme http//

Test Laboratories of STQC under the CB Scheme:

Five major laboratories of STQC are approved as CBTL's for conducting testing under the CB Scheme These are:

The Scope of Approval of the individual Test Laboratories and certification body could be obtained from the official Web Site of the Scheme http//

Certification Process

Pre-certification requirements

Client interested in obtaining certificate of approval under Safety Certification scheme, shall have established a documented quality system complying with the requirements of current version of the ISO 9001 standard and the applicable product standards.

 Application: STQC Certification Services provides an application along with an offer based on defined criteria to its clients for initial information. The duly filled application along with applicable fee, product details/brochure, quality system documentation, certification agreement and Factory questionnaire needs to be submitted to STQC Certification Services

 Evaluation of Documentation: STQC Certification Services reviews the submitted documentation and prepares a report detailing its finding. The deficiencies, if any, will have to be corrected prior to assessment..   Certification Body forwards a copy of 'Standard Operation Procedure' (SOP) to the manufacturer. The documentation provided by the client and SOP will form a part of assessment criteria during assessment.

Factory Inspection and sample sealing: Following documentation review, factory Inspection is carried out which is a detailed on-site assessment that takes place at the applicant's locations(s) to determine conformance to the assessment criteria. Non-conformances, if any, found during the factory inspection, are reported to client objectively.  During the assessment test samples of the products is/are also sealed and client is intimated the test laboratory for testing of the product against specific standard. Is the responsibility of the client to submit the sample in the test laboratory. At the end of the assessment, the factory inspection report  is prepared  and handed over to applicant in for taking corrective actions.

Test report : The test report is sent by the laboratory to certification body.

Corrective action: The applicant will be required to take corrective action for any non-conformances reported during the Factory Inspection  before initiating the process of granting certification. The evidences of corrective actions shall be submitted to assessment team leader, for review and acceptance, within the committed time frame.

Certification: STQC Certification Services will issue a certificate of Approval registration to the applicant once the corrective action has been accepted and test report is satisfactory. The certificate carries a validity of three years from the date of issue subject to satisfactory findings during surveillances. The certified client's are committed through signing of certification agreement to comply with the certification body's requirements

Surveillance: During the certificate validity period, two surveillance assessments are carried out at an interval of one year from the date of certification in the period of the certificate validity. The Certification Body also reserve the right to order unplanned and / or additional surveillances in case of complaints. In case of failure to accept surveillance, major non conformities, failure to take timely corrective actions or failure to fulfill financial obligations  may lead to suspension of the certificate. Failure to take effective timely actions for revoking suspension may lead to withdrawal of certificate.


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