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Training Brochures

Quality, Reliability and Laboratory Management

IT and e-Governance

Test Engineering and Skill Development

Quality, Reliability and Laboratory Management

Quality Management Programs

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
QRL/QMP/0002Quality Management System Lead Auditor as per ISO 9001 (NBQP Accredited)Download
(582 KB)PDF icon
QRL/QMP/0003Quality Management System Foundation and Internal Auditor 
QRL/QMP/0004Planning, Implementation and Documentation for ISO 9001 Quality Management System 
QRL/QMP/0005Certified QMS Internal Auditor Course (Non accredited) 
QRL/QMP/0006Implementing Quality Management in Public Organizations IS-15700Download
(39.36 KB)PDF icon
QRL/QMP/0007Statistical Process Control (SPC) TechniquesDownload
(19.51 KB)PDF icon
QRL/QMP/0008Enterprise Risk Management as per ISO 31000Download
(146.5 KB)PDF icon

Laboratory Management Programs

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
QRL/LMP/0001Laboratory Quality Management System and Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC-17025 and NABL requirementsDownload
(174.58 KB)PDF icon
QRL/LMP/0003Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty (Electro Mechanical Parameters)Download
(33.93 KB)PDF icon
QRL/LMP/0004Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty (Chemical parameters)Download
(241.39 KB)PDF icon
QRL/LMP/0005Laboratory Quality Management System and Internal Audit for Clinical Labs as per ISO 15189 and NABL RequirementsDownload
(244.11 KB)PDF icon

Reliability Engineering Programs

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
QRL/REP/0001Certified Reliability Professional (Course)Download
(254.6 KB)PDF icon
QRL/REP/0002Reliability Evaluation and Improvement Techniques 
QRL/REP/0003Failure Analysis of Electronic Component 
QRL/REP/0005Design Reliability Engineering Techniques (Online Course)  

Environmental Management Programs

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
QRL/EMP/0001Internal EMS Auditor Training Course Download
(39.33 KB)PDF icon

Software Quality Engineering

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
ITG/SQE/0001Certified Software Quality ProfessionalDownload
(54.53 KB)PDF icon
ITG/SQE/0002Certified Software Test ManagerDownload
(540.84 KB)PDF icon
ITG/SQE/0003Certified Internal Software Quality AuditorDownload
(54.79 KB)PDF icon

Information Security

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
ITG/ITS/0001STQC Certified Information Security Professional (STQC-CISP)- A Program on ISO 27001 implementationDownload
(350.18 KB)PDF icon
ITG/ITS/0002STQC Certified Internal Information Security Auditor (STQC-CIISA)- A Program on ISO 27001 based Internal AuditingDownload
(42.45 KB)PDF icon
ITG/ITS/0003Information Security Management System Lead Auditor as per ISO 27001 (NABET Accredited)Download
(66.53 KB)PDF icon
ITG/ITS/0004STQC Certified Network Security Manager (STQC-CNSM)Download
(52.13 KB)PDF icon
ITG/ITS/0005Information Security Management System - Best Practices (Based on ISO 27001)Download
(50.61 KB)PDF icon
ITG/ITS/0006Secure Software Development Life Cycle Practices (SSDLC)Download
(42.98 KB)PDF icon

IT Service Management

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
ITG/ISM/0001IT Service Management Lead Auditor as per ISO 20001 
ITG/ISM/0002ITSM Internal Auditor Course as per ISO 20001Download
(153.73 KB)PDF icon
ITG/ISM/0003ITSM Awareness Course as per ISO 20001Download
(49.9 KB)PDF icon

E-Governance Quality Assurance

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
ITG/QAE/0001Implementing Quality Management in Public Organizations IS-15700Download
(52.56 KB)PDF icon
ITG/QAE/0002Awareness on IS-15700 Quality Management in Public OrganizationsDownload
(83.23 KB)PDF icon
ITG/QAE/0003Website Quality Assurance and CertificationDownload
(59.93 KB)PDF icon

Common Criteria

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
ITG/CC/0001Common Criteria - OverviewDownload
(110.22 KB)PDF icon
ITG/CC/0002Common Criteria - Design and developmentDownload
(186.75 KB)PDF icon
ITG/CC/0003Common Criteria - Life Cycle supportDownload
(147.09 KB)PDF icon
ITG/CC/0004Common Criteria - ST PreparationDownload
(150.22 KB)PDF icon
ITG/CC/0005Common Criteria - Testing and VeulnerabilityDownload
(153 KB)PDF icon

In addition, STQC has also conducts a number of Onsite Programs. The typical list includes: .

Software Quality Engineering
ISO 9000 for Software Industry (ISO - SW)
Software Verification and Validation (SVV)
Software Metrics and Measurements (SMM)
Software Configuration Management (SCM)
Software Life Cycle Processes ISO 12207 – Understanding & Implementation
Software usability
Software and System Performance
Software Reliability
Quality Assurance in e-Governance
QA in eGov projects
Customer Satisfaction in eGov projects
Best Practices for Data Centres
Best Practices for SWAN
Best Practices for RFP
Service level Management
Information Security
Application Security
Information Security Risk Management
Network Security Management

Compliance Testing

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/CET/0001Certified EMC ProfessionalDownload
(87.27 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0003Designing for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)Download
(84.76 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0004Introduction to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and ComplianceDownload
(63.49 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0005Signal Integrity and High Speed Design at Board LevelDownload
(27.17 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0006EMC Standards, Testing and CertificationDownload
(48.85 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0007Managing ESD in Electronic industryDownload
(51.09 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0008Designing of PCB for EMCDownload
(86.07 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0009Designing of Shielding for EMCDownload
(85.92 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0010Safety Testing of Electrical / Electronic / Electromechanical ProductsDownload
(50 KB)PDF icon
TES/CET/0011CE MarkingDownload
(51.92 KB)PDF icon

Measurement Assurance

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/MET/0001Certified Calibration ProfessionalDownload
(65.04 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0002Calibration System ManagementDownload
(49.33 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0003Measurements System Analysis 
TES/MET/0004Advanced Electrical and Non electrical MeasurementDownload
(49.41 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0005Calibration Techniques for Electrical ParametersDownload
(49.26 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0006Calibration Techniques for Process ParametersDownload
(49.29 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0007Calibration Techniques for Dimensional ParametersDownload
(50.96 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0008Estimation of Uncertainty in Electrical MeasurementDownload
(49.2 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0009Estimation of Uncertainty in Non-electrical MeasurementDownload
(49.47 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0010Estimation of Uncertainty in Chemical MeasurementDownload
(49.12 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0011Overview on Non-Destructive TestingDownload
(344.19 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0012Measurement UncertaintyDownload
(51.28 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0013Dimensional Measurement TechniquesDownload
(49.17 KB)PDF icon
(36.65 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0014Calibration of Test and Measuring Equipments (Electrical and nonelectrical parameters)Download
(36.64 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0017Non Destructive Testing Techniques (UT Level II)Download
(187.1 KB)PDF icon
TES/MET/0016Non Destructive Testing Techniques ( UT Level I)Download
(207.7 KB)PDF icon

Electronic Manufacturing Technology

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/EMT/0002Zero Defect SolderingDownload
(61.37 KB)PDF icon
TES/EMT/0003Surface Mount TechnologyDownload
(38.69 KB)PDF icon
TES/EMT/0004Lead-free Inter Connection TechnologyDownload
(39.23 KB)PDF icon
TES/EMT/0005ROHS Implementation in Electronic IndustryDownload
(27.61 KB)PDF icon
TES/EMT/0006Hand Soldering of Electronic Assembly 
TES/EMT/0008PCB Design and Quality AssuranceDownload
(38.09 KB)PDF icon
TES/EMT/0012ESD Control in Electronics IndustryDownload
(38.33 KB)PDF icon
TES/EMT/0007Rework and Repair of PCB AssemblyDownload
(38.84 KB)PDF icon

Repair and Maintenance

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/RAM/0009R and M of Linear and Switched Mode Power Supply 
TES/RAM/0001Installation and Routine Maintenance of Personal Computer 
TES/RAM/0002R and M of UPS 
TES/RAM/0003Repair and Advanced Maintenance of PC and Its Peripherals 
TES/RAM/0004Application and Maintenance of ECG, EEG and External Peripherals 
TES/RAM/0005Application and Maintenance of Defibrillator Machine and Infusion Pumps 
TES/RAM/0006Application and Maintenance of Multipara Monitor and Electro Surgery Unit 
TES/RAM/0007Troubleshooting Techniques of Microprocessors Based Equipment 
TES/RAM/0008Application and Maintenance ICU and OT Equipment 
TES/RANM/010Electronics for Elecricians 

Computer Education and Networking

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/NET/0001DOEACC 'O' Level Course 
TES/NET/0002DOEACC 'A' Level Course 
TES/NET/0003Workshop on Computer Hardware and Networking 
TES/NET/0004Workshop on Computer Networking 
TES/NET/0005Workshop on Wireless LAN 
TES/NET/0006LAN Administration Using W2K3 Server 
TES/NET/0007Micro-controllers [Programming and Applications]Download
(41.95 KB)PDF icon

Industrial Automation

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/IND/0001SIEMENS S7- 200 PLCDownload
(52.53 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0002SIEMENS S7 - 300 PLCDownload
(50.96 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0003SIEMENS S7 - 300 and 400 PLCDownload
(51.01 KB)PDF icon
(20.29 KB)PDF icon
(52.61 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0006SIEMENS S7 400 Software RedundancyDownload
(50.95 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0007ROCKWELL SLC 500 and PLC 5Download
(42.97 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0008ROCKWELL HMI RS View32Download
(51.04 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0010SIEMENS AC Drive: MM4 (MM420/440)Download
(50.61 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0011SIEMENS Master Drive (VC)Download
(50.69 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0012SIEMENS DC Master Drive 6RA70Download
(50.57 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0013PLC Programming and Installation (Siemens S5)Download
(36.17 KB)PDF icon
TES/IND/0014Rockwell Compact Logix (RS Logix 5000)Download
(349.96 KB)PDF icon

Fibre Optics

Course CodeCourse NameBrochure
TES/FOP/0001Fiber Optic Connectorisation and Splicing TechniquesDownload
(50.12 KB)PDF icon